5 Benefits of Training Outdoors

Benefit #1

At Geelong Outdoor Fitness, we train outdoors, all year round. Why? Because it helps build resilience. I like to call it “Fitness Resilience”.

That is the main benefit of training outdoors. 

What is “Fitness Resilience?”

It is being able to deal with exercising in all types of weather and conditions, with a positive mindset. It is being able to withstand what nature throws at you and adapting to the conditions. A positive mindset in a group situation is contagious and creates a fantastic, outdoor training environment, for everyone involved. 

Benefit #2

You will meet like minded people. Others like you, that enjoy exercising in the great outdoors. Friendships are formed.

Bonds are made. Before you know, you’ll be partnering up with others to do fun runs, triathlons, obstacle races, mountain biking or other outdoor activities… or maybe a sneaky beer or two.

Benefit #3

Research shows that training outside has a positive impact on your mental health. Studies have shown that it lowers blood pressure and helps reduce stress. There is something about being outside, with nature, that calms the soul. Life’s problems are forgotten and the fresh air, provides an energy, that cannot be replicated indoors.

Benefit #4

The fourth benefit of exercising outdoors is the exposure to sunlight, which helps the body create Vitamin D. Exposure to the elements helps build a good immune system…and often a nice tan. Although, this clearly has not worked for me…as my year round “moon tan” shows…

Benefit #5

Lastly, there are no mirrors when you train outdoors. What a bonus! 

At Geelong Outdoor Fitness, we don’t care what you look like. As long as you have clothing on, all is good. We are there to train you and help you reach your fitness goals….not to judge you or flex for you, in the mirror.

So, there you go!

5 Benefits of Training Outdoors.

Now, I’m going to make like a bakery truck and haul buns. Until next time, be good or be good at it! 

Coach Jase 

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