Please Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

The thing I love about Group Fitness, is the diversity of people it attracts.

People from all walks of life, with varying fitness levels, all gathered together, in search of a positive training experience, that will hopefully yield them results.

The expectations and the results may differ, from person to person. 

Some attend Outdoor Fitness classes to train in the fresh air. 

Others are there for the social aspect. 

Some are looking for a physical transformation. 

I believe most people attend classes though, to clear their heads and forget about “life” for that hour, that they are exercising. In essence, they attend for the mental health benefits of human interaction and physical activity. 

So, you can almost guarantee, that a group of 20 people is usually, very diverse. 

Males, females, varying age groups, different backgrounds, different personalities etc etc…

Different fitness levels are always catered for and often, one particular exercise can have both lower and higher exercise options. 

This is why it is important to track your own progress and not compare yourself to others. 

Let’s take the push up as an example. 

In a group of 20 people, 10 might be able to do push ups on their toes…but out of that 10, only 4 are able to go through a full range of motion. The other 6 people are only doing half or quarter of the range. 

The remaining 10 people are either doing the push ups off their knees or on an incline or a wall…again, with varied ranges of motion. 

So, you can see that even with the push up exercise,  most people cannot compare because they are all working to their own particular limits, with different exercise variations and different ranges of motion.   

One of the main reasons, potential new members are reluctant to join Gyms or Fitness Studios, is because they believe that they are too “unfit”. I have heard this countless times, over the years. 

The hardest part of exercising, is starting. 

Most of us know the feeling of attending that first class and then trying not to do anything embarrassing  …..don’t worry, we’ve all been there! 

Once you start though, it’s addictive. The feeling afterwards is addictive.  Most people return and want more and that’s when the real magic can happen. 

In our Outdoor Training sessions, we try to challenge everyone to push their own limits, to find that magic. 

This is different for each individual…and it can change from week to week, depending on all the outside factors, that affect your well being. 

That is why, it is super important to not compare yourself with others, in our Outdoor Group Fitness setting. 
Just focus on what you can do, to get yourself to the next level and let the magic happen. 

  • Push harder on the run.
  • Minimise your extended rest periods.
  • Start building a “never give up” mindset.
  • Focus on hitting your full range of motion in all exercises.
  • Be disciplined and don’t take short cuts.
  • Be consistent.
  • Train with intensity.
  • Be present.
  • Listen to your Coach.
  • Lastly, encourage others in the group, even if you believe they are “fitter” than you. 

You will be amazed how effective positive encouragement & positive reinforcement can be, in a group setting.

Be your own person. Keep pushing your fitness limits and remember, please don’t compare yourself to others. 

Coach Jase 

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